About No Sleep Records

No Sleep Records is an independent record label based in Huntington Beach, CA and home to some of underground music's best emerging talent. Formed in 2006 by Chris Hansen, No Sleep began as a project to bring back originality and uniqueness to a seemingly watered-down scene, and has quickly risen to become one of the most respected labels in the industry.

Years after its inception, No Sleep continues to push the boundaries of music with a diverse lineup of innovative acts that don't necessarily fit any single genre, but instead are out to cut their own path. From La Dispute and Touche Amore to Balance and Composure and Into It. Over It., the label has become one of the scene's most coveted labels for bands to call home.

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Staff Members

Dahmer the Pug - Supreme Ruler
Chris Hansen - Owner, President, A&R
Ray Harkins - Business Affairs
Sean Moran - Label Coordinator, Radio
Garrett Tellers - Mailorder & Warehouse Manager
Jacqueline Reichner - Mailorder, Warehouse
Audri Mirzaie - Office, Warehouse Asst

Mailing Address

No Sleep Records
16651 Gothard Street Unit E
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
United States of America


INgrooves Fontana Distribution (US/Canada)

RevDistribution (Non Fontana Accounts/Exports)
jennyj@revhq.com (marketing)

Essential Distribution (UK/EU)

Shock Records (AUS/NZ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys have any free promotional items i can get?
We include random free items in all of our mailorder orders! The items depend on what is currently available.

The post office destroyed my package, help?
Sadly we are not responsible for damage that occurs in transit, once it leaves our warehouse we are not liable for what happens. With that said, we want to try and help you and we will do what we can.

There was an issue with my order, how do i get it fixed??
On the contact form above, choose Order Questions/Mailorder - and make sure to include your Order ID, and then leave as detailed of a message as possible for us.

_______ (Apparel Item) is out of stock, will it be back in soon?
Everything unless listed as "Limited" will ALWAYS be coming back in stock eventually, but if you would like to know more choose Order Questions/Mailorder from the contact form above and ask away!

I ordered a _______ and it does not fit! Can i get another size?
Of course! As long as the item has not been washed, was not run over by a semi or smell like something horrid you can of course exchange it for another item that is in stock. You will just be in charge of covering postage for all parts involved in the exchange. Just contact us via the Contact Form (choose Order Questions), include your Order ID and let us know!

How long will it take for my order to ship?
We generally will get orders out within 1-2 business days, but it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of orders we have going on at the time and what releases are coming out. Pre-orders of course would not ship until around the street date, but this is dependent also on when we actually get the product in by as well. We are a small company, with 2 people in the warehouse doing everything.

I chose Priority Mail and its been 3 days, where is my order?!?!
Well the priority transit time is the time the USPS says it will take to deliver once they receive the package, so that timeframe is added onto the time it takes us to get to your order. It's coming, don't worry your pretty little heart.

If i order something alongside a pre-order item will it all ship together, or separately?
When you order an item alongside a pre-order item it will all ship together (as stated on the pre-order item's page) as you are only paying for one postage charge at checkout, so if you want the other items earlier please make two separate orders.

Can i return the items i ordered?
Sorry we do not accept returns! We will however do exchanges of apparel if it is due to a wrong size, etc - but otherwise returns are a no go. There is also only a 2 week window in which you can exchange your item, any longer and it is a no go!

I wanted to purchase one of your releases from my local record store, but i did not see it there?
Chances are we have just not had a chance to get in touch with them yet, so do us a favor and tell them to start carrying it! Tell them they can pick it up from one of the distributors listed above.

I would like to interview one of your bands/someone at the label, or review an album how can i get this done?
For band inquiries, and No Sleep inquiries please contact austin@secretservicepr.com!

Why is there different genres of artists on your label?
Because all music is good to us, if you can't like more then one thing, then i am sorry but you need to check yourself.

Will you guy's sign my band?
Depends if your good or not, if you work hard or not, etc. Check out the contact form above, and choose the Demo Submissions option!

Can you mark the customs form as "Gift" or "Commercial Sample"?
Absolutely NOT! We must declare all packages shipped by No Sleep as "merchandise". There are no exceptions. Customs officials aren't idiots, and they would figure it out if we did (and you would not get your package).

Will I have to pay any extra taxes when I receive my order?
Some countries charge you an import tax on certain items if the value is over a certain amount. Each country has different laws for the amount of tax (if any) that you must pay before customs will release your package to you. These taxes are out of our control and there is no way No Sleep can pre-pay these taxes. This is a tax that your country charges you to discourage you from buying things from out of your own country. You should contact your local custom's people to ask if your country has an import tax and on what type of products it applies to.

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