Hundredth "Revolt"


Release Information

Recorded at the legendary studio The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO with producers Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Black Flag) and Jason Livermore (Stick To Your Guns), Revolt is the first half of Hundredth’s double EP titled Revolt/Resist, featuring five new tracks including “Ruin.” The second half of the double EP, Resist, is expected to debut later in 2013.

Track Listing

01. Ruin
02. Savages
03. Free Mind / Open Spirit
04. Barren
05. Euclid (Slave Song)

Vinyl Pressing Information

First Pressing
20 Test Pressing (Black)
200 Coke Bottle (2013 Subscription Series) (Purchase)
200 Army Green
800 Opaque Grey

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