The Wonder Years "Get Stoked on It!"


Release Information

Get Stoked On It! the debut album from Philadelphia's own The Wonder Years. 12 songs with the perfect blend of Pop Punk/Hardcore that scream of fun inside and out! Featuring guest vocals from Rachel Minton (Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer), Bob Wilson (Letxdown), and Brooke Schwartz (CDC). For fans of Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack.

Track Listing

01. Keystone State Dude-Core
02. Bout to Get Fruit Punched, Homie
03. Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy for Second Place
04. Let's Moshercise!!!
05. "What if We [Swam] into Nothing?"
06. Racing Trains
07. Zombies are the New Black
08. We Were Giants
09. My Geraldine Lies Over the Delaware
10. Dude, What is a Land Pirate?
11. I Fell in Love with a Ninja Master
12. When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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