Now, Now "Neighbors: The Remixes"


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While on tour, most people try to sleep, read, relax, basically anything to get their mind off the fact that they are cooped up in a van or bus for hours on end. The Minneapolis trio Now, Now would rather create new music. Cue the forthcoming Neighbors Remix EP.

Drummer/instrumentalist Brad Hale re-arranged and severely dancified Now, Now's entire Neighbors EP to a fuzzed out, heavy beat max.
Below, you can hear and download the banger track, "Jesus Camp."

After the EP drops in May, Now, Now will be heading into the studio to record their sophomore LP with producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, New Pornographers, AN Horse). So keep your eyes peeled!

The Neighbors Remix EP drops May 3rd via No Sleep Records.

Track Listing

01. Giants
02. Roommates
03. Jesus Camp
04. Neighbors

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